A simple freeware tool running for Windows to remind to take regular breaks.


  • Tested under Windows 7, 8, 10
  • No installation required: Take-A-BreakĀ is portable and does not require any installation. Please unzip the executable file to any location on your computer and open it.
  • Internet connection (only required for automatic updates)


Take-A-Break Screenshot

First start and setup

On first start the program will register Take-A-Break to autostart on Windows startup. This can be changed in the settings (button with cogwheel icon).

You will be asked to add new "break fillers" - those are the reminder items which are randomly shown at every break reminder.


Every hour the program will popup to remind about the next break. The break filler is randomly selected from a previously entered "break filler" list.

The reminder items can be modified using the "list symbol" button, new items can be added from the main screen using the "+" button.

The program will run in the notification bar showing the remaining minutes to the next break. A double-click on the icon opens the main window, a right-click opens a menu to add new items, show the item list, show the main window or exit the program.

At each break the main window is shown in screen centre, you can:

  • Use the green tick button to complete this item
  • Skip to skip this item
  • Add +15 or +30 minutes to remind about the same item again
  • Minimize adds +5 minutes to remind about the same item again

When showing the main window while the break timer is still running, both Accept and Skip button will also minimize the window.


Download Take-A-Break (7-zip)

Download Take-A-Break (zip)