Multifunctional Dielectric Layers

ARENA-funded project Multifunctional Dielectric Layers Enabling Production of High-Efficiency Solar Cells

This project will investigate the use of novel multifunctional dielectric layers to simplify processing of high-efficiency silicon solar cells.

This project is investigating the use of phosphorus oxide (POx) as an insulating layer within high efficiency silicon solar cells in order to reduce efficiency loss (through surface recombination) and simplify production processing.

Such multifunctional dielectric layers have the potential to significantly simplify processing and consequently reduce the cost of high-efficiency silicon solar cells. This project will advance this promising technology towards commercial application.


This project receives $455k ARENA funding with a total project volume of $1.28m.

CI Dr Marco Ernst will lead laser research activities in developing production processes.


ANU project website

ARENA project website

Sun Nov 1, 2020

Multifunctional Dielectric Layers